Bold thinking, Brave Action

By Forster Communications

We’ve teamed up with CAF to produce a new report from leading voices in sustainability.

In ‘Bold Thinking, Brave Action’, we interviewed 11 leading figures in sustainability from across a host of businesses to create a blueprint for turning a desire for sustainable change into reality. Participants included representatives from Anglian Water, Ella’s Kitchen, Iceland Foods, ITV, Reckitt Benckiser, Royal Bank of Scotland and The Body Shop.

Read the report here or by clicking on the image below:

Bravery in Sustainability

Bravery is personal to all of us and we each need to find our voice. The report explores what it means to be brave, and why bravery is so crucial now.

Insights from our expert contributors reveal the five attributes of a brave sustainability professional; how these are displayed in brave behaviours; and which organisational conditions need to be in place to encourage bold thinking and brave action.

The report makes use of five composite characters to help think through the question: what kind of brave do I need to be?

  • The Firebrand – led by a strong sense of what is right and wrong and takes great effort to stick to their moral compass, thinking big and taking on a personal risk
  • The Campaigner – acts like an organisation’s conscience and is driven by a strong sense of values, also taking a personal risk, building movements and constantly pushing for change
  • The Collectivist – believes in the power of people and sets out to achieve outcomes that benefit everyone through collaboration, sharing and movement building
  • The Strategist – processes a mass of information before acting and, through analysis and reflection, identifies and prioritises the most important changes and effective ways to bring them about
  • The Wayfinder – disciplined and diligent, often working quietly behind the scenes so the organisation can move at speed when the time is right

“Build back better is a phrase with a massive set of expectations and challenges, and sustainability leaders are at the centre. Our contributors have highlighted that whatever role they are playing, personal conviction, imagination and integrity are critical to maintaining their focus and resilience. Bravery comes in many forms – from up front and in-your-face to quiet back-office determination – but it starts with a desire to challenge the status quo.”

Amanda Powell-Smith, CEO Forster Communications 

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