Developing an inclusive voice and style

We help individual leaders develop a more inspiring and inclusive communications style, one that really connects and motivates audiences without disempowering and objectifying the people who are central to what they are seeking to achieve.


Charities, particularly those working in international development, have a real challenge when it comes to engaging with the audiences who matter to them.

It is all too easy for that communication to objectify and patronise the very audiences who are central to their mission and purpose.

They are rightly being challenged to be more inclusive, especially when it comes to communicating about the people and communities they work with and support.


Forster, working in partnership with DEI experts, have developed a strategic programme for leaders and organisations more broadly to understand the impact of how they communicate and evolve their voice and style.

Working on a confidential and often one-to-one basis with senior leaders, the process helps them to identify both the bridges they can build to their audience and the barriers to engagement.

Specifically, it explores language and phrases with recent work helping to build a trusted voice in the trans debate and removing the ‘them and us’ from discussions about Global North and Global South.

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