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As we look ahead to 2023, we’ve been reflecting on the last 12 months. From tackling plastic pollution to making history with Patagonia, here are just some of the moments that we’ve been proud to work with our clients on this year:

Patagonia make history by making earth their only shareholder

In September, Patagonia made history by making earth their only shareholder; the Chouinard family transferred all ownership to two new entities: Patagonia Purpose Trust and the Holdfast Collective. Most significantly, every dollar that is not reinvested back into Patagonia will be distributed as dividends to protect the planet.

Consumer goods companies come together to tackle deforestation and plastic pollution

The negotiations for the UN Treaty on plastic pollution last month creates momentum to push for the world’s first-ever plastic pollution treaty to include global rules and regulations for plastics, helping to drive the circular economy of plastics. The 41 members of the CGF’s Plastic Waste Coalition, representing over 10% of the global plastic packaging market, have come together to accelerate progress on the fight against plastic pollution including the creation and implementation of a series of Golden Design Rules to help the industry use less and better plastic.

We’ve also seen more collaboration between consumer brands in driving forest positive. Twenty-one manufacturer and retailer members of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Forest Positive Coalition of Action, for example, have published a report this month advocating corporate investment to combat commodity-driven deforestation.

New research shows overwhelming support from the UK public for more action to protect and grow forests

In November, new research from Heart of England Forest, a charity working to plant and protect a 30,000 acre forest in England, showed overwhelming public desire for more action to protect and grow forests. The research shows that 9 in 10 Brits are in favour of taking action, yet only 1 in 5 think Government and businesses are doing enough to make this a reality. Given the historic 30 x 30 pledge made at COP15, this public desire for change is important momentum for us to build on heading into 2023.

New recycling initiatives increase recycling rates in Argentina from less than 1% to 50%, laying groundwork for expansion into new countries

In 2022, Delterra’s Rethinking Recycling initiative completed a successful pilot program in Olavarria, Argentina which substantially increased recycling rates in the community. Recycling rates were less than 1%. Today, among households with access to the new recycling and composting service, nearly 50% consistently separate their recyclables at home. The nonprofit plans to build on this success to further expand recycling services in Argentina and beyond in the coming year.

Property developers commit to social impact strategy to improve wellbeing and help local economies thrive

In 2022, Grosvenor Property UK (GPUK) released its social impact commitment and strategy, People Positive, which joined its industry leading biodiversity strategy to expand GPUK’s sustainability ambitions and harmonise its approach to commercial, social and environmental performance in decision making. GPUK constructed progressive and extensive research into societal and local needs, which led to the new strategy of concentrating on three strategic priorities:

1. Improving wellbeing in the places GPUK’s makes and manages

2. Helping local economies thrive by championing inclusive growth and diversity

3. Maximising the positive impact of our people and partners

GPUK began putting the strategy into practice immediately, with programs such as bringing children into an orchard and hedgerow planting project for National Tree Week.

New programme in Africa will save up to 5,000 tonnes of plastic a year from entering the ocean

In November, Bantam Materials launched Prevented Ocean Plastic Africa, which will save up to 5,000 tonnes of plastic a year – or 220 million bottles – from entering the ocean from pollution in two areas in Africa. Using a proven model, underpinned with rigorous standards, the expansion of the Prevented Ocean Plastic Programme into Africa will mean the global programme will accelerate to stop over a billion bottles – enough to fill one of the great pyramids – from entering the world’s oceans in the next eighteen months.

The first ever World Living Soils Forum brought together industry to accelerate industry-wide transition

In June, Moët Hennessy hosted the first ever World Living Soils Forum as part of its commitment to soil regeneration, bringing together the industry to share best practices and accelerate industry-wide transition, opening the door to new conversations and partnerships both within and beyond wines and spirits. The two days of conferences, round tables, masterclasses, and workshops focused on real life solutions to accelerate the regeneration of soils, supporting biodiversity, agriculture, water filtration and carbon sequestration.

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