Tools to help charities tackle and communicate the climate crisis

By India Knott

Knowing how to communicate on behalf of your charity can be challenging. With an increasing number of issues that other organisations feel obliged to give their thoughts on, it can be difficult to hear the important parts of the louder conversation.

One of the pressing issues we are all faced with today is the climate crisis. With so much noise surrounding it, it’s testing to know where to start. Finding your voice and contributing meaningfully to the conversation is important, but actions speak much louder than words. It’s crucial to consider your charity’s climate impact across all areas, including your own operations and wider value chain, and use action as the foundation of your communications. But it can be difficult to know how to begin your journey or go beyond those first few steps.

For those charities who have no idea where to start or how to increase their climate action, having useful resources is key. Charity Comms recently held a conference called ‘Communications to Tackle the Climate Crisis’ and shared some key tools in their discussion.

These are fantastic starting points for organisations in the sector who want a guiding springboard into the climate discussion and an idea of how to begin to act.

We’re two years into the launch of our Climate Positive Plan, and as part of this, we are committed to helping our clients set and meet their climate targets by sharing resources and insights.

Use these tools to spark conversations within your organisations, to check in with your own climate goals, and to create strong and lasting climate commitments.

Going Green Together

Looking to take action on the climate emergency, but unsure what to do next? Going Green Together have put together this helpful guide with practical advice.

Climate Visuals

This positive image library has been put together to help people to visualise the climate emergency and can be a helpful resource to kick-start your climate conversations.

ACEVO practical resources hub

If you’re unsure of where to start your climate change journey, ACEVO have provided useful tools to get you off onto the right foot. Be it their Carbon Footprint Calculator or their Creative Green Tools, these resources and case studies are a great place to start.

Talking about the climate and cost-of-living crises at the same time 

We’re seeing a rise in potent and persuasive narratives that pit tackling climate against tackling the cost of living crisis. So how do you talk about them at the same time? This research reveals messaging that successfully weaves these narratives together which can be adapted to different mediums, messengers, campaigns and content.

If you’d like to discuss any communications challenges or opportunities your organisation is facing, please get in touch.

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