When the going gets tough

By Amanda Powell-Smith

The problem with time is that it just relentlessly ticks on. Things that seem an impossibly long way in the future can, in what seems all of a sudden, be there looming just ahead of you.

It’s a sensation that anyone who has ever revised for an exam or trained for a marathon will be all too familiar with. It’s when “mañana” thinking kicks in and leads to last minute panic. It’s something we are all guilty of in some aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change the UK government is fully in the grip of it right now, at possibly the very worst time.

There is no point rehashing the reasons for why we need urgent action to tackle the climate crisis, there is no room for debate on that. Our government has long recognised that, which is why it has made a series of commitments on climate action and reaching net zero, commitments that, when push comes to shove, they are fundamentally failing to meet. We need to go all in to create a better future for people and planet but for reasons of short term political expediency, this government simply isn’t doing so.

Critically, unlike an exam or marathon, the crunch doesn’t come on a date in the future, it is very much in the present. The climate crisis isn’t something that will happen in 2030 if we don’t act, it is happening right now and acting swiftly and decisively is critical to us lessening the impact it is already having and reducing the catastrophic damage it could cause over the next 5, 10, 50 and 100 years.

It’s why, along with hundreds of other businesses, we signed up to the Business Declares movement and are doing everything in our power to tackle the climate crisis. It is also why we and many other businesses will be coming together under the Business Declares banner to take part in the Big One – a four day coordinated protest in Westminster starting tomorrow, that we hope will make our government sit up, take notice and go all in on tackling the climate crisis. The more who join, the more likely they are to listen and respond.

You can find out more and see how you can take part here.

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