Along for the ride

By Ayesha Gardiner

After having the luxury of living a ten-minute walk from Forster since we relocated to Whitechapel at the end of 2018, I found myself facing the dreaded London commute once again when I moved house in September this year.

Aside from the fact I didn’t want to be crammed amongst commuters on the underground, I was also aware it would radically increase my carbon footprint.

Luckily, I work at Forster, where we are paid 50p a mile to cycle or walk to meetings, just one of many incentives to make environmentally positive choices. They don’t just pay you, they provide a company bike for the journey as well.

Following a confidence training session at Victoria Park one afternoon with the team, I felt ready to take to the roads myself and commute to work by bike. A far more sustainable option.

Three months later and I have made it half way through my first winter of cycling, I feel proud that my new commute to work has not increased my personal footprint. Moreover, the psychological and physical benefits of that early morning exercise is an added bonus I didn’t see coming.

Roll on summer cycling!

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