Better by Miles

By Amanda Powell-Smith

For the duration of Lockdown we are combining our goals of colleague wellbeing and community impact to be Better by Miles.

We recognise the damage the pandemic is causing to health and wellbeing inside and outside our business.  It is hard to balance working from home with getting outdoors, and getting even harder as winter sets in. But we are the lucky ones, with warm homes and satisfying jobs; we understand the shocking reality of how others are suffering as jobs and Cities shut down.

Starting back in November, every mile of outdoor exercise that we take during the working week will unlock a donation from Forster for the Whitechapel Mission – a brilliant charity supporting homeless and marginalised people in the area around our office.

We set ourselves a collective goal of 2000 miles, with everyone contributing in the way that best suits them.  Foot or bike, running or walking – this is about taking part and making our miles count. We hit our target right before Christmas so have set a fresh target with fresh legs as we head into the new year.

To help everyone benefit from being outside in daylight, we are taking flexible working and team trust to a new level by ending the idea of a ‘fixed lunch hour’ and enabling everyone to take up to two hours a day for outdoor exercise at a time that suits them and their schedule. We know that a healthy team is core to a healthy business.

We may be physically apart but we are united in making this lockdown period better for ourselves, for our colleagues and for others.

Better by Miles.

We’d love you to join us – if you’d like more details on how we are making this work then please email The more miles the better.

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