Our pioneering plan to be climate positive by 2023

By Amanda Powell-Smith

In July 2019, we declared a climate emergency. We became one of only a handful of agencies to publish a client disclosure report and we joined the Business Declares Network. In December, we became one of 500 companies worldwide committing to net zero by 2030.

But that is not enough.

To kick start 2020, we have published a pioneering Climate Positive Plan, our three-year roadmap to becoming a climate positive business.

It goes beyond achieving net zero so that the total impact of the agency’s direct and indirect actions are positive for the environment and remove damaging emissions from the atmosphere.

As part of our ambitious plans, we will:

  • Accelerate the process for reducing our own carbon emissions to net zero by March 2021 and, by March 2022, only be working with suppliers who have also committed to achieving net zero
  • Inspire and support our clients to tackle the climate emergency and by April 2023, only be working for clients who have publicly committed to cutting their carbon emissions
  • Drive action with our team, our partners and the community we are part of

There’s a lot of noise about finding purpose and tackling the climate challenge but unless we all turn talk into tangible action, it will be too late.

At Forster, we have a modest carbon footprint, but we want to go beyond that to become climate positive, and the most effective way to do so is to use our skills as communications professionals and knowledge as sustainability experts, to influence and inspire our clients and the wider community to cut their emissions.

We’ve always prided ourselves on walking the talk, and that has never been more important than now with the climate crisis we are all facing. I’d now love to see other agencies following suit, because our industry could be such a powerful player in inspiring and driving climate action.

Read our latest Impact Reports here.

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