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Turning back the tide on ocean plastic

Bantam Materials UK is the first packaging supplier to join the Ethical Trading Initiative. We helped refine its communications strategy and messaging for its industry-leading programme, Prevented Ocean Plastic. We have also worked to secure standout media coverage, raising Prevented Ocean Plastic’s profile with both thought leaders and the general public


Each year, 17 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans. If nothing changes, the annual flow of plastic waste from land to sea could triple to 51 million tonnes by 2040. Prevented Ocean Plastic is highquality, certified and an award-winning recycled plastic material made from discarded plastic collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. It is used by supermarkets and brands around the world and is traceable back to source. 


We have helped to develop Prevented Ocean Plastic’s messaging and communications strategy, using a credibility-first approach, led by evidence. This includes helping to launch its industry-leading standards, engaging the media, crafting award entries and providing ongoing strategic support.  



bottles have been prevented from entering the ocean


of pieces of coverage secured in national, trade and broadcast media


award wins and/or shortlistings

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